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Capturing a New Perspective

NoCo Aerial Imaging has the experience and tools necessary to capture aerial images and video that are often difficult, impossible, or expensive to obtain using conventional methods.

NCAI Services

NCD SPorts Images

Sports Media

Images and video of sports from the air is one of the best ways to capture those Wow! moments. With up to 5.1k video resolution and high-resolution stills, NoCo Aerial Imaging is able to provide teams, coaches, and players with crisp birds-eye perspective stills and video for a multitude of reasons, including highlight reels, player and practice evaluation, team interconnectivity, and full game film.

Land/Property Aerial Imaging

Highlighting property utilizing images captured from the air is a great way to showcase the entirety of property or real estate in a single shot, or multiple shots from different perspectives. NoCo Aerial Imagings’ pilots are all trained in real estate/poperty imaging and are FAA Part 107 certified, so you can be sure that you project will be completed legally and professionally using the appropriate drones for the mission.

Aerial Landscape Media

Whether you are looking for hi-resolution aerial images, landscape video, artistic video, or shots of that hard to reach location, NoCo Aerial Imaging is your solution.

We provide virtually unlimited potential to bring your vision to fruition. Our fleet consists of DJI drones, each with specific functionality to meet a multitude of mission requirements.

Local and Multi-State Availability

NoCo Aerial Imaging is located in Northern Colorado and happily offers our services anywhere that we are needed, provided that the local laws and regulations where the mission is to take place allow commercial drone activity. The primary sphere of our work is conducted in Colorado, Wyoming, and parts of Utah.

Online Portal

NoCO Aerial Imaging provides easy online scheduling and client media portals.

Don’t like having to use a website to interact? No problem. We’re happy to touch base via methods that fit your needs.

NoCo Drones Blog

We often share tales from our aerial adventures on our blog. We also discuss tips and tricks we use as well as pitfalls we’ve discovered.

Normally, blogs are utilized to bring better SEO for websites. The more relevant content the better. However, the primary purpose of the Noco Aerial Imaging’s blog is to share our experiences in what we hope is an entertaining way.


The NoCo Aerial Imaging Gallery offers you a glimpse into our work and range of perspectives.

Click here to take a look at some of the images and video from our past projects.

Why Choose NoCo Aerial Imaging


At NoCo Aerial Imaging, we love what we do. We’re not here simply because we enjoy flying our drones; we strive to deliver outcomes that surpass your expectations, so that you too love what we do for you. We use top-tier equipment and fly drones capable of capturing images and video that will WOW you. Additionally, our pilots often fly missions on their off time to hone their skills and find new perspectives through the glass.


Professionalism is our standard, but for us it’s more than just competence. We believe that everyone and everything should be treated with respect, care, and fairness. Drones and pilots have been stigmatized as they are increasingly integrated into society; as such, we have found that a little patience and understanding go a long way toward those goals.

We will not fly a mission if it breaks any laws or requirements set forth by the FAA, local municipalities, or Temporary Flight Restrictions. In some cases, missions that would otherwise be permissible may be either postponed or relocated due to uncontrollable events or scenarios, including weather or other conditions that may be hazardous to our team or others.

Insured FAA Certified Pilots

Legally, any drone activity that is conducted for any purpose beyond recreational flying must be conducted by a certified FAA Part 107 pilot in command.

NoCo Aerial Imaging’s pilots are insured and FAA Part 107 certified for commercial drone flight, so you can be sure that all laws and regulations are researched prior to and followed during your project mission.

NoCo Aerial Imaging‘s Perspective Provides a Leg Up

Video and photography captured from the air using drones provides an engaging viewpoint not typical of other platforms. NoCo Aerial Imaging’s purpose is to provide this unique perspective to realize your vision. From initial contact to handing off your deliverable, our primary goal is to exceed your expectations in every way possible every step of the way.

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