Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Fate Question
Q: What services does Digital Fate Creative provide?
A: We can, and do create or capture almost anything imaginable within the digital realm. Our specialties include:

  • Vector Based Illustration
  • Digital Image Manipulation and Editing
  • Art Design and Development for Digital and Print Media
  • Corporate ID Solutions
  • 2D and 3D Digital Animation and Video/Sound Editing
  • Project Management
  • Website Design/Development and Maintenance
  • Custom App Development and Deployment
  • Content Development
  • System Support and Training

Q: Why is Digital Fate Creative the best choice for my needs?
A: Our number one goal is to create a solution that exceeds your expectations. Our specialty lies in thinking beyond the edges of the box by first defining them, the goal and the target market, and then we remold the paradigm. Digital Fate Creative will develop solutions based on your digital media needs. Though we rarely have to look beyond our own in-house talent, we will consult or contract with one of our peers or another vendor if there are elements of the project that are beyond our scope. While this does not happen very often, we will do what is necessary to exceed your expectations.

Q: What kind of service can I expect from Digital Fate Creative?
A: Our number one goal is client satisfaction. Period. We know the nosedive that global customer service has taken in recent years, and we strive to to make certain that our clients think of us when they consider service that goes above and beyond. We try to learn from the mistakes that others have made and promote communication above all else. We subscribe to the attitude that if the client is not happy, we are not happy. These are not simply one-liners; we believe these things, and will prove it to you as we have all of our clients.

Q: I see that Digital Fate Creative develops systems, programs and products that they sell commercially. Will these projects interfere with my needs?
A: Digital Fate Creative does create programs and products that we sell commercially via our development branch, Digital Fate Labs; however, this does not have a negative impact on our client’s projects. Actually, to the contrary; because we create systems, products and programs for commercial sale, we are constantly learning new methods and techniques and we’re staying in-tune with the digital media industry. In turn, we apply this experience to create the very best for our clients. All of our projects; in-house and client, are managed by seasoned project managers, and ultimately, our clients always come first.

Q: What are your fees?
A: Our fees are generally project based. We complete a full assessment of your needs via customized questionnaires that you fill out to give us the information we need to provide a quote to you. There is no charge for this, as we can’t tell you what it will take until we know what you want. After acceptance of the quote, there is a one-third project start fee. The remainder is not due until you are satisfied and we’ve delivered the product to you.

Of course, quotes are just that. They are estimations of the work required based on the development treatment. If the treatment changes, or additional work is required based on the client’s request, there will be additional fees. Once a project has begun, we take every opportunity to keep the client informed and involved along the way. Clients must approve every change and there is never an unknown fee tacked on at the end. If you would like to start the process please contact us (by clicking this link) and we will get in touch with you — usually within 24-48 hours, to discuss your project.

Q: How fast can I expect my job to be completed?
A: Projects come in all shapes and sizes. No project is the same as another, so we will create a timeline based on our experience and in conjunction with your project treatment. This will include all applicable milestones and expected delivery date. Like fees, timelines are subject to be updated based on treatment changes.

Q: Do you provide digital media services, such as photography or video for weddings and events?
A: Though we have extremely talented digital photographers on staff, Digital Fate Creative is not a Photography/Videography Studio, nor are we general photography/videography professionals. Therefore, when a project has a required photo and/or live action video element, we contract with trusted partners that are professionals in their respective field to capture and provide the raw media for Digital Fate to complete post-production services. We also have many colleagues that we can refer you to that provide these services if we are unable to meet the high-standards we insist on for every project. If the event in question requires a specialized touch due to specialized circumstances (for example underwater, arial/drone, or extreme locations), we are happy to review the requirements with our partners and provide a quote.

Q: Do you provide website hosting solutions?
A: No. We are not a web hosting solution or an Internet Service Provider (ISP). We design, develop and deploy the websites and supporting elements that are housed with your ISP. Again, we have trusted sources that we work with for these services and, if necessary, we will help you find a provider that meets your needs.

Q: All I need is basic service, such as videotape and/or slide/film conversion or archiving. Do you provide these services?
A: While this is not the focus of our business, we are required to perform such transfers regularly for our various projects (for example, when developing a web video archive). Because of this, we have the tools and talent to transfer many types of tape media to a digital format, or provide a digital archive for you. However, tape and film media can be very fragile depending on its condition and age, and we do not want to do any further damage to your media by putting it/them through standard transfer procedures. As such, we require that you sign a release of liability and consent form for these services.

Q: None of these answered my question, what should I do?
A: Contact us (by clicking this link) and let us know your question(s), we will get back in touch with you within 24 hours.