Digital Fate Labs is the commercial research and development arm of Digital Fate Creative.


The DF8 Labs team is always looking at new ways to build games that are extraordinarily fun and software and systems that work in the real world. Our goals are to make our software user friendly, with what is actually needed/wanted and little “fluff.” Of course, that’s not always easy. On person’s fluff may be another person’s requirement. That’s why we beta test in the real world with real users.

Another huge benefit that comes from our Labs Team is the transition of technology to our creative side. The Creative Team often utilizes ideas and systems that the Labs Team created. This knowledge and the experiences get passed on for client system R&D, and ultimately has a huge positive outcome for our client’s projects.

Here’s a look at some of our available mobile apps:


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Balz! are here, and they’re ready for you to successfully navigate them through mountain passes, the ocean floor and seriously twisted 3d mazes all the while collecting gems, Balz! Energy Drinks for speed and extra time to finish the course. Each time you successfully finish a course you will be granted access to the next, more challenging course and a new Balz to navigate it.

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The DiveTraXX family of applications for the iPhone 4/4s®, iPhone 6-6 Plus® and iPad® are the best solutions for divers and Dive Leaders looking to log all of their diving data.

The DiveTraXX App suite was built and reviewed by some of the most seasoned divers, dive professionals, and dive insurance professionals in the industry. The development team responsible for the DiveTraXX Apps have more than 20 years of experience working directly in the Scuba Diving Industry, and have developed, or assisted in the development of many of the training materials used today.

The entire family of DiveTraXX apps have been completely updated for iOS8.

DiveTraXX for Recreational Divers


DiveTraXX for Recreational Divers was built for divers of all levels in mind. Simple to use and intuitive, it has everything a diver needs to log all of their dives, store their certification information, and keep tabs on their personal equipment, equipment records and maintenance records.

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DiveTraXX PRO for Dive Professionals


DiveTraXX PRO for Dive Professionals was designed from the ground up and includes modules for everything a Dive Professional needs to track. This App can track all of the Ratings AND Certifications (which tend to differ) that a Dive Leader has, and allows the Dive Leader to track the number of students they have trained in each rating. DiveTraXX PRO also allows the Dive Leader to create and store site-specific emergency information for individual dive sites (and much more). There are two versions of DiveTraXX PRO: DiveTraXX PRO + which includes DiveTraXX PRO and DiveTraXX for Recreational Divers, and DiveTraXX PRO-L, which is the DiveTraXX PRO App only.

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